Christian Johnson - Character Artist - Animator - Director


   After graduating with a first class honors in Graphic Design in 1994, my professional career started in the Games industry at Ocean Software. Since then I have acquired over 20 years experience working across games, broadcast, web, print and audio production. During that time I have held a variety of different positions culminating in senior roles as an art and animation director. As such I have worked with many different production companies and freelancers across the globe.





  I have always had a passion for animation, games and any other forms of visual story telling. My objective is to share and help develop ideas and stories in an inspiring and collaborative environment. I aim to work with high caliber teams and breath life into the fantastical, be it characters, creatures or machines. To tell great stories that inspire and entertain the audience.



Recent experience.


2015-16 Senior Character animator Nexus productions (freelance).


2015-16 Senior Character animator Picasso pictures (freelance).


2014-15 Mummies alive

6x1hr documentary series.

Role : Animation and Art Director. Motion Capture director and performer.

Created for Impossible Factual, (UK) and Saloon Media, (Canada), Smithsonian (US).


2013-14 The Great Martian War

Creature and Machine designer.

Role : Animation and Art Director. Lead animator

Drama Documentary for Impossible Pictures and History Canada.



4x 1hr documentary series.

Role : Animation and Art Director. Live action direction and performance.

created for Impossible Pictures and History Canada.


2012-13 Dragon Wars

Role : Animation and Art Director. Creature sculptor/designer.

1hr documentary .

created for Impossible Pictures and National Geographic.



Primary production Skill set.


My Main Area of focus is Character based work.


As a senior animator I have many years experience working across a range of animation styles including.


Stylized Key frame animation

Realistic creature locomotion.

Vehicle animation.

Motion-capture direction.


As a Character artist and sculptor i have worked through many aspects of the pipeline and have a high level understanding

of current work-flows in cg character creation. From iterative concept work to final production asset



Current Toolkit.


3ds Max, Maya, Z brush, Aftereffects, Premier, Photoshop.

I am always keen to discover new tools and keep an up to date understanding of current work-flows.




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